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Retractable Belt & Poles

The most popular crowd management option. Free standing stanchion designed to be flexible and adaptable. Retractable stanchion barriers are impressively durable and comes in a variety of colors. These can also be customized with your brands logo or a message.

que pole and rope for social distance

Queue Pole & Ropes

These ropes are designed to give an elegant look to match any environment. Ropes are about 1.6 meters long and customizable in many colors and finishes such as red velvet rope with a gold finish. We also offer poles in various colors to suit the rope perfectly.

coro ocial distance post

Stanchions with Branding

A perfect chance to enhance your brand image. Branding a stanchion attracts your clients by giving a very professional look. A stanchion is usually placed where there is a crowd and people are waiting. Thus, being the perfect opportunity to advertise your company!

stanchion for social distance

Custom Colour Ropes

Opportunity to choose from a diverse variety of colors to make your stanchion look attractive to your client. We offer ropes in colors like red, golden, purple and many more with exceptional quality and finish. You may also choose the color of the hooks.

Writing Table

A writing space in the queue

social distance safety pole

A very portable and handy accessory that you may attach to your stanchions. It acts as a table that your clients may use for various purposes like filling out a form. Easy to attach or remove and fits perfectly on your existing stanchion.

Banner with Poles

Customized banner

queue manager

These are a high quality accessory that can be easily installed to your stanchion and may be used to advertise or display a message.

Queue Poles Accessories

Accessories that you may purchase individually

  • Hooks

    Available in different colors to match your stanchion.
  • Ropes

    Custom colored ropes to achieve the look you desire.
  • Wall Mounted Belt

    5 to 10mtr long belts, mounted on the wall for a sleek design.
  • Queue Stand Headers

    We have A4 & A3 sized headers to display information or message.